Some great free Internet and Public Domain resources.  

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Bible Reading Plan

Read the Bible through in one year with Robert Murray M‘Cheyne’s Bible Reading Plan.    It features about 4 chapters per day, each from 4 different books of the Bible.  It is posted here in a pdf file.  Rev M‘Cheyne (1813-1843) was the minister of St Peter’s Church, Dundee, Scotland.

Another popular plan to read through the Bible in a year is the One Year Bible, whose plan may be downloaded for printing here.

Wesley's General Rules

​The General Rules of the Methodist Church date back to 1739 and detail the structure and values of the original Methodist Movement.  The three simple rules of Do No Harm, Do Good, and Attend to the Ordinances of God are still valid ways to live out our faith.  They are posted here in a pdf file.

Wesley's Notes

John Wesley's notes on the Old and New Testaments.

​Jamieson Fausset Brown Commentary

Excellent insightful commentary from the 19th Century.  Click title above for online version or Click Here to download the pdf file.

Adam Clarke's Commentary

Another great 19th Century Bible study commentary resource.

Smith's Bible Dictionary
William Smith's 1884 Bible Dictionary in pdf format.  Simply the best public domain Bible dictionary on the Internet today.

Surgeon's Morning and Evening

Daily Devotional by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life​​

Devotion by John Law that was highly recommended by John Wesley.


Huge selection of online Bible versions.

King James Bible

The King James is in public domain, so it may be posted here in a pdf file.

Two Great Daily Devotions

     The Upper Room

     Our Daily Bread

Two Online Bible Study sites:

Two amazing Online Libraries

     Wesley Center Online

​     Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Fact Sheets for our "Methodist Identity: Our Beliefs" Adult Bible Study